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How to test for HIV?

The fastest and easiest way to test for HIV is to order an at-home HIV test kit, which analyzes your saliva or blood sample for the presence of HIV antibodies.

  • With the rapid, painless, at-home Core Saliva HIV Test, you simply use a swab to collect a sample from your gums, insert the swab into a vial with the provided buffer fluid, and, after shaking well, add the fluid to the testing cassette.
  • With the reliable, easy-to-use Recare or ByMe™ at-home HIV blood test, you collect a blood sample using the provided finger prick, add it to the testing cassette, and then add a drop of the provided buffer fluid.

Both saliva and blood testing kits are extremely fast, discreet, and inexpensive, allowing you to comfortably learn your HIV status from the privacy of your own home.

Unlike clinical tests, which can take days to schedule and/or receive results from, our at-home rapid HIV test kits will give you results as reliable as clinical tests in just 15 minutes.

Order a test today and receive it in under 24h for most European countries. Shipping is secure and discreet.

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