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Your risk may seem small

But undiagnosed HIV can spread silently

Why should I test for HIV?

If you or your partner have multiple sexual partners, regular testing for HIV is vital for maintaining reproductive health and stopping the spread of the virus — even if you show no symptoms.

Because the incubation period of HIV can last many months, or even years, asymptomatic people can, and do transmit the infection to others, unaware that they are carrying it; per CDC estimates, almost 40% of new HIV infections are transmitted by those who haven’t been diagnosed.

This is why taking an HIV test is the only way to know if you have contracted the virus. While current antiretroviral medication is highly effective at treating HIV, in the case of an infection, early diagnosis and corresponding treatment are the only way to prevent it from developing into a life-threatening disease.

More importantly, regular testing contributes to the global efforts of containing the spread of HIV. When infected individuals become aware of their status sooner rather than later, contact tracing is performed much more efficiently, reducing the chances of transmission exponentially; the increasing presence of affordable and accurate HIV self test kits on the market makes this goal much more feasible.

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