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Why use an at-home rapid HIV test?

Depending on where you live and your personal and social circumstances, going to a clinic for an HIV test may be embarrassing, inconvenient, costly, or even impossible.


Thankfully, over the last years, HIV self-test diagnostic technology has advanced to the point of latest clinical research showing that the accuracy of common at-home HIV blood test brands is comparable to that of tests administered by healthcare professionals.

For example, a large-sample trial of the Recare antibody rapid HIV test kit has shown a 99.5% relative sensitivity (detection rate of true negatives) and a 99.8% relative specificity (detection rate of true positives), with its overall accuracy estimated to be 99.8%. This means that the chances of a false result are miniscule.

Aside from their high reliability and rapid result return, the discretion and convenience of an at-home rapid HIV test means that you can quickly, and without the need to schedule (a potentially uncomfortable or costly) visit to a clinic, test yourself and your partner before having unprotected intercourse.

There are no more excuses for not getting regularly checked! Know your status within a day* – order an at-home rapid HIV test now and own the responsibility for yours and your partner’s sexual health. 

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