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Preventative HIV Testing

Sexually active individuals who engage in unprotected intercourse with more than one person carry an ethical responsibility to ensure sexual health in both themselves and their partners.

While testing after particularly risky intercourse should be a non-negotiable, preventative testing is the only way we can maintain consistent awareness of our HIV status.

Preventative testing is especially recommended to those who frequently change partners, even if they use a prophylactic. An at-home HIV self testing kit makes it easy and as awkward-free as possible to check the status of a new partner.

However, the result should not be taken at face value, as the testee may be within the window period when HIV antibody detection is unreliable; it’s advised to still use a condom even when the result is negative, until a test is carried out 3 months into a monogamous sexual relationship.

For those who have a stable partner, who they wish to stop using prophylactics with, preventative testing is an ideal way to step into a deeper level of commitment with confidence. Especially if the partnership is exclusive and lasts over 3 months, a negative result means complete freedom to start being safely intimate with your partner without protection.

Like a condom, an at-home HIV self testing kit is the ideal sexual health management tool for any sexually active person. It is quick, easy, affordable, reliable, and anonymous, and their use helps to ensure yours and your partner’s health, and to curb the spread of HIV.

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