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Anyone can contract HIV

While it is a fact that the prevalence of HIV is higher in LGBT populations and among intravenous drug users, the virus does not discriminate and anyone practicing sex without protection can contract HIV.

Because the virus takes a varying amount of time to develop in different people, and can be asymptomatic for many months to many years, depending on the immune system of the carrier, many people are HIV-positive without even knowing it. According to, around 15% of people in the USA who have HIV are undiagnosed.

Additionally, as early and consistent antiretroviral treatment can nowadays facilitate a near-to-normal life, preventing the infection from ever developing into AIDS, even many prominent people, who we would not expect to be HIV-positive, are carriers.

The bottom line is that no one is immune to HIV and anyone who has unprotected sex with more than one partner is at a certain level of risk of contracting the virus.

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