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How to Choose a HIV Test Kit?

Looking for an at-home HIV test but not sure which one is right for you?

All of our testing kits provide rapid and highly reliable results, and each model has a unique advantage to suit your specific needs.

The main difference is in the assay technology used: 3rd generation tests can accurately detect HIV 8-12 weeks after exposure, whereas 4th generation test results are reliable already 4-6 weeks after exposure.

Here are the key advantages of the tests you can purchase in our webshop:

Advantage: Early Detection

If you suspect a recent exposure and want to know your status as soon as possible, this revolutionary 4th gen test screens for HIV antigens, meaning it’s able to pick up an HIV infection earlier than 3rd gen antibody-only tests.

Advantage: Easy to Use

This testing kit is CE-certified and features an innovative all-in-one sample collection & analysis device, which makes the testing process even easier than the other tests in our webshop.

Advantage: No Drawing Blood

This testing kit comes with saliva swabs and is intended for those who prefer a completely pain-free experience or are averse to having their blood drawn.

Advantage: Affordable

The most affordable of our testing kits, but just as accurate as any other HIV antibody blood test. The kit contains a sterile lancet and a dropper for collecting the blood sample.

Whichever one of our at-home self-testing kits you choose, it will enable you to learn your HIV status easily, conveniently, accurately, and discreetly.

The Eldon Card Blood Typing test is not an HIV test, but a blood typing test. It provides a simple and quick way to determine your blood type, but it has no connection to HIV testing. For conducting an HIV test, ordering just a HIV test kit is enough.

Nevertheless, it is always recommended to know your blood type, especially for individuals visiting developing countries and potentially ending up in the hospital for any reason. Knowing your blood type can be life-saving in certain situations.

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