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Important Points to Note

  • Before taking the test read the instructions carefully and check the expiry date on the foil pouch.
  • The test and sample should be kept at room temperature (2°C-30°C) before and during taking the test.
  • After opening the foil pouch the test should be performed immediately. 

Reading Your Results


Read your results between 15 and 20 minutes of taking the test. 


Two coloured lines can be seen in the testing cartridge, one in the control (C) area and one in the test (T) area. The line in the test (T) area may vary in colour from dark red to light red. Any shade of red is considered a positive result. 


One coloured line can be seen in the testing cartridge in the control (C) area. No coloured line at all will be seen in the test (T) area. 


No coloured lines will be seen in the testing cartridge OR only one coloured line can be seen in the test (T) area and no line in the control (C) area. If this happens take a second test with a new testing kit or go to a clinic for another test. If the second test is invalid please contact us, quoting your lot numbers.

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